When greed takes over

What happened? The Venezuelan government in a desperate moment tried to (and was able to) sell bonds worth $2.8 thousand million to Goldman Sachs with an almost 69% discount. Therefore, Venezuela, received $868 million in that transaction where it will be in debt for the $2.8 thousand million plus interests. This transaction gravely raised the current debt of the country who is already in an economic crisis that will be very hard to overcome.


The Land of the D.A.M.(ned)

The land of the DAMned (and the great –where the great and not so great have risen and fallen). History has taught us that the great muralists are Mexican, that large sized paintings are made in America and that Venezuelans take kinetic art quite seriously.  I am not Mexican nor am I American, but I believe…

Letter to the twenty-something creative mind

Someone told me you are going through some-kind of existential crisis in reference to your work. Even though I am no musician or poet, nor am I looking to be, I hope I can help you. After all I am a creative person. I could assume that since you graduated college you have drifted away…